Mikey Roberts discovers a magical kite that has the ability to travel anywhere in the universe. In "The Legend of the Gray Knight," Mikey and his friends, Jimmy and Gwen, are transported back to a time of fire-breathing dragons and giants, kings and wizards, dark Lords and brave knights. With the help of Simon, the wee wizard, and the mythical Gray Knight, Mikey is able to escape Lord Blackthorn (who seeks the kite for evil use) and eventually return home. But not before winning a knight's tournament, rescuing a fair maiden and battling creepies and wiggles along the way. He also learns that his father, whom he has not seen in years, is somehow connected to it all. Unbeknownst to him, Mikey has been chosen to be the mysterious kite's protector, to use its magical powers to help others.

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Mikey And The Mysterious Kite: The Legend Of The Gray Knight

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