We Could Change the World...If We Wanted T
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 Mike Foster, the creator of the popular self-help video website, livelife365.com, wants to change the world for the better—and he wants you to help. It all starts with each of us understanding that one person can make a difference, a difference that could change the world. “We Could Change the World…if We Wanted To,” offers dozens of practical, commonsense ways that can help change the world for the better. He offers simple solutions: like being kinder to others and more accountable to yourself; as well as addressing major issues like global warming and obesity. Making the world a better place is an obligation that all of us own, one that if ignored, could be a disaster waiting to happen. The good news: we CAN change the world…if we really want to. We just need to embrace the prospect of changing certain behaviors, starting with self, and spread those positive changes worldwide. This book is a start, a roadmap that could help change the world…for the better. Please join Mike in his efforts to continue to change himself so that we all contribute to changing the world. Peace…


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We Could Change the World...If We Wanted T

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